Submission requirements

Thank you for considering making Logostack the place to sell your high-quality designs.
Here’s what Logostack requires in order to get your work on the website.

Preview Images

  • Upload up to 6 preview images of your logo.
  • The minimum acceptable dimensions are 900 x 600 pixels.
  • Each logo variation must be submitted as a separate file.
  • Individual files should not exceed 500 KB in size.
  • Files should be in JPEG or PNG format.
  • All the images should have a resolution of 72 PPI and use the RGB color space.

Here are a few ideas for logo variations:

  • Display your logo in one color or black & white.
  • Show the mark without text.
  • Show your design on products such as stationary, t-shirts, vehicles, etc.

Source Files

  • Use the CMYK color space.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines.
  • Remove any stray points, embedded images, and any element that is not a vector.
  • Save your file as compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3.
  • Include at least one (1) editable vector source file (AIEPS, or both).
  • Submissions without a proper vector file will not be approved.
  • In addition to AI and EPS, you can include PSD, CDR, PDF, TIFF, and Hi-Res JPEG.
  • Your source file(s) must match the .JPEG or .PNG display image(s).
  • Put all the files into a single, zipped folder and then upload it.
  • The maximum size for the ZIP file is 5 MB.

The source files are the files you are selling. Make sure you include any and all files needed to use the logo. Provide the files you would normally give to your traditional clients, including PDF, Hi-Res JPEG, etc. Please do not include font files, as the sale of commercial or non-commercial files will most likely violate the ownership rights.

File Naming

Just like paper files, electronic files need to be well-organized and labeled correctly so that they are easily identifiable and accessible by our clients. Here are some tips on how to properly name your files before submission to LogoStack:

  • Use hyphens “” instead of underscores “_” to separate words in file names.
  • Every single file should share some part of its name. For example:
    logostack.jpg, logostack-monochrome.jpg, logostack-reversed.jpg, etc.
  • Do not append your username or any other information to the file name.
  • A ZIP folder that contains the files should have the same name as your logo.

For more help with our upload process — including how to format your submission title, keywords and description view our General Guidelines.