General guidelines

Besides the files, you will need to fill out several fields when uploading a logo.
Please make sure to spend enough time filling out the required information as it greatly influences the chance of selling a logo. Follow the guidelines below when uploading your designs to ensure that your submissions meet our visual and technical requirements.


The name field should always be relevant, concise, and professional looking. Do not use the name of an existing company as it can be considered a trademark violation. Do not include the word ‘Logo’ in the title. The following are examples of good and bad naming practices:

  • Black and Whale – Capitalize the first letter in each word.
  • XTB Consulting – Capitalize acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Company Name – Do not use generic names.
  • SECURITY SYSTEMS – Do not use all CAPS.
  • security systems – Do not use all lowercase.
  • Designer74 – Logo Name – Do not append your username or any other less-relevant information to the logo name.
  • Apple-like Logo Design – Do not describe what your logo is similar to in its name.


Price can vary depending on how unique and well designed the logo is. Price is up to you. You can set a desired price anywhere from $200 to $5.000. Average suggested price is around $300 but you can charge what you think is fair for your artwork. As a LogoStack designer you are eligible to receive between 70% and 80% -PayPal fee (3-5%) of every sale. See the LogoStack Payment Rates, and take these into account when pricing.


Your description must accurately describe your logo design, its elements and/or the industry it is intended for. It should provide relevant information that makes it easy for buyers to find logos meeting their needs. You should not include links to external, competing services including items for sale on your own website.


Choose a suitable category for your logo design. Pick up to 3 categories by holding down the CTRL key on Windows or the COMMAND key on OS X


All keywords should be lowercase, separated by commas, spelled correctly and should relate to your logo design and its possible uses. Do not use the same keywords for every logo submission. Each keyword must be relevant to the design it is applied to. Keywords may be more than one word e.g. fashion accessories.

See the Submission Requirements page for information on how to prepare your files for submission to LogoStack.