Payment rates

A good part of the success of Logostack is based on the quality and quantity of logos in our collective portfolio. To encourage submissions, Logostack has a commission structure based on how many logos you maintain for sale on the website at the time of a sale.

Once a logo is sold it is no longer counted in your total. As a Logostack designer, you will receive between 70% and 80% of the proceeds from every single sale you make. Listing quality logo designs for sale on Logostack is completely free! We don’t make any money until you do.

Logostack commission fees

Number of logos for saleYour ShareLogoStack Fee
1-25 logos70%30%
26 and more logos80%20%

Logostack first deduct 20-30% of the profit from the sale and a PayPal fee which is about 3-5%, then pay out the balance to you.

Payment schedule

Payouts are processed automatically within 7-14 business days from the date of the sale. We reserve the right to withhold or delay payments as we deem reasonably necessary, including for new designers, unusual or suspicious activity or other reasons for up to 30 days. Payouts can be made by PayPal only at this time but we are looking into additional payment methods.

Important: Please make sure that we have your correct payment information.