DOs and DONTs

Our goal is to provide the highest quality design services and a consistent experience for our clients. You can help us in that effort by providing digital files in accordance with the following guidelines.


  • Submit only quality designs that are created by you.
  • Use a fictitious company name that describes the logo or its possible use, for example, ‘Big Boy’. Marks with a generic name, such as ‘Your Company’, will not be approved.
  • If you are selling a previous contest entry or unused concept, be sure to change the original company’s name.
  • Ensure your logo is saved in an appropriate format (Al, EPS ) and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 (or lower version).
  • Choose a suitable category and keywords for your logo submission.
  • Make sure your preview image is an accurate representation of your source file(s). Uploads with mismatched source files will not be approved.
  • Make sure your logo design will work in small sizes.

Do Not’s

  • Try to sell designs that you did not create.
  • Do not use a generic names such as ‘Your Company’.
  • Upload several logos with the same name.
  • Do not include personal signatures, watermarks and copyright notices (™, ©, ®).
  • Do not include fonts you don’t have the rights to use.
  • Include your contact information and links to other sites.
  • Do not include any rasterized elements in source files.