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Dear Designers,

Don't you hate it when some of your best ideas have been discarded by clients? It's time to bring those ideas back to life. Sell your logos through Logostack to reach new customers and clients from around the world. We'll handle the promotion and e-commerce. You handle the design.

What kind of logos to submit

The logos should be generic enough to be applicable to various businesses, but unique enough to become trademarks. It's best to have an iconic symbol and very simple typography that is easy to change. Most of our clients own small and medium sized businesses.

Logo customization

When the client purchases a logo, he has the option to request a free customization. This request along with client's contact details will be emailed to the designer. The designer must perform these changes within 48h. The final files including the vectors must be sent to client by email. This customization service is included in the logo sale price and the designer must not charge the client for it. The designer also must not wait to be paid by Logostack before sending the files.

Payment Rates

Logostack has a commission structure based on how many logos you maintain for sale on the website at the time of a sale. Once a logo is sold it is no longer counted in your total. As a Logostack designer you will receive up to 80% of the proceeds from every single sale you make.

When you have 25 or fewer logos, you will receive:
Get even more if you have 26 or more logos for sale:
Payment schedule

Payouts are processed automatically within 7-14 business days from the date of the sale. We reserve the right to withhold or delay payments as we deem reasonably necessary, including for new designers, unusual or suspicious activity or other reasons for up to 30 days.

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